Silhouette Print & Cut Tutorial - How to Color Digital Stamps in Silhouette Studio (Video) #printandcut #silhouettestudio #silhouettecameo #svgfiles

When you’re working with digital stamps (aka black and white line art images), you’ll often print and cut the stamps for coloring with a physical coloring medium like colored pencils or markers. But what if you want to color your digital stamps right in Silhouette Studio and transform them into full color images for print & cut?

In this video in my Silhouette Print & Cut tutorial series, I’ll show you some different ways to color digital stamps in Silhouette Studio, and I include methods for the premium versions (Designer Edition and above) and the basic free version of the software, so you can use these methods whether you have an SVG / vector file or a PNG or JPG / raster file!

Check out the video below for the step-by-step:

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