As a longtime sticker lover, I’m all about making stickers in whatever format I can. So, when the Foil Quill was released, one of my first questions was, “hey, how cool would it be to make stickers with this thing?!” And let me tell you, it’s very cool.

In this week’s video tutorial, I’ll show you how to design Foil Quill & cut sticker sheets in Silhouette Studio. I make use of the Sketch Panel in the tutorial, and this option is only available in Designer Edition and above, but you can still make lots of awesome sticker designs with single line sketch files, which I also use in my sticker sheets.

My initial Foil Quill sticker testing was done on three different types of sticker paper (matte white, glossy white, and glossy clear) from Online Labels, and overall I was really happy with the results. The stickers made with the single line sketch designs were very solid across the board, as were the stickers made using my Classic Wreath Monogram dingbat font. For the most part the fills on the solid hearts showed at least some of the sketch fill lines (I used the spiral pattern from Silhouette Studio’s sketch panel), but there were also some solid results on some of the sticker papers.

I’ll be doing more sticker paper testing in the future, particularly for larger solid fill designs like the heart, but overall I thought the results were pretty good, and they were great with the single line sketch designs and the monogram wreath stickers.

I used Silhouette Studio’s cut by line color feature to make the sticker sheets, and here are the settings for each row in the design file:

Foil Quill Stickers : Action = Sketch // Speed = 3 // Force = 5 // Passes = 1

Sticker Sheet Border Cut Lines : Action = Cut // Blade Depth = 6 // Speed = 8 // Force = 33 // Passes = 2

Kiss Cut Sticker Cut Lines:


Action = Cut // Blade Depth = 1 // Speed = 5 // Force = 20 // Passes = 1


Action = Cut // Blade Depth = 2 // Speed = 5 // Force = 20 // Passes = 1


Action = Cut // Blade Depth = 2 // Speed = 5 // Force = 20 // Passes = 1

Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on designing and setting up Foil Quill & cut sticker sheets in Silhouette Studio (plus initial sticker paper test results!) :

Supplies Used in This Project

The following supply list contains affiliate links. I make a small commission if you purchase through these links, and I really appreciate it if you do!

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