Heat Embossed Glassine Treat Bags

I’m back! I honestly didn’t plan on launching the site and immediately disappearing for two weeks, but the launch of the site just happened to coincide with a visit from an out-of-state guest (my mom). Last week, I was playing catch up on emails and meeting deadlines for various projects for my other sites. Deadlines always seem to come due all at once, don’t they?

Today I have another quick and easy Halloween treat packaging project for you, and I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with heat embossing onto glassine. It gives the finished bags a great texture, and the shine of the embossed areas is a perfect match for the translucent glassine. Methinks that I’ll be using this technique a lot in the future.

Watch the Heat Embossed Glassine Treat Bags Video (or check it out on YouTube):

Download the Transcript of This Video

Supplies Used

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