I LOVE Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday of the year during what is my absolute favorite season of the year. So, naturally, I’ve gotta make some Halloween cards to send to friends and family!

For this project, I used the Foil Quill Sketch Halloween Card cut file that you can find in my shop. This card is super simple to make, and if you want a card that you can color, you can always use sketch pens on white cardstock instead of the Foil Quill. You can also use colored pencils or some other opaque medium to color in the design on dark-colored cardstock.

I resized the A2 version of the card to 3.75 inches wide using the Resize option in Silhouette Studio so the card front would be a little smaller than a full size A2 card front. And then I cut a piece of black glitter cardstock (love this stuff!) to full A2 size (4.25 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall) to make a glittery border around the design.

I use Silhouette Studio’s Cut by Line Color option for my foil and cut + sketch and cut projects, and here are a couple of screenshots so you can see how the file looks when set up in the software:

Silhouette Studio Cut by Line Color Screenshot 1

It’s important to make sure that the portion of the file that will be foiled is a different color than the border cut line. I usually set the cut line to blue and leave the Foil Quill or sketch portion of the design in red. You can use the Line Color Panel in Silhouette Studio to change line colors within the design.

Silhouette Studio Cut by Line Color Screenshot 2

Below are the settings that I used in Silhouette Studio for the Foil Quill:

Speed : 4 // Force : 5 // Single Pass

Note : I picked up a handy tip for just taping the foil sheet at the corners from a Foil Quill group that I’m in on Facebook. It works GREAT and uses A LOT less tape.

Check out the Quick Take video below for a sped up look at the card assembly process:

Supplies Used in This Project

The following supply list contains affiliate links. I make a small commission if you purchase through these links, and I really appreciate it if you do!


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