Can You Use Silhouette Mint Stamps with a Stamp Platform / Press?

Silhouette Mint Stamp Kits come with a stamp block, but what if you’d rather spend your money on more stamp sheets and purchase Stamp Sheet Sets, which come with double the number of stamp sheets (and no stamp block)? Or maybe you prefer the precision placement that a stamp platform / press offers? These are some of the questions that may lead you to get curious about whether you can use Silhouette Mint stamps with a stamp platform / press, and in this video I’ll show you my results when I tested a stamp made with the Silhouette Mint with the Tonic Studios Tim Holtz Stamp Platform.

I purchased this particular stamp platform because I like the size and sturdiness of it, but my favorite option is the reversible lid. One side is made to use with rubber stamps, and the other side is for clear photopolymer stamps. The lid easily lifts out of the platform base, and I like the versatility that it offers. So, how did it perform with the Silhouette Mint stamps?

Well, on its own, the stamp sheet is too thin for either sides of the lid on the stamp platform to pick it up, but when you add stamp mounting foam, the results are pretty darn great. There are a couple of tricks to it, especially if you have to move the stamp around after you ink it, but overall I’m really happy with the results!

Check out the video below to see my testing process and results:

Supplies Used in This Project

The following supply list contains affiliate links. I make a small commission if you purchase through these links, and I really appreciate it if you do!

Silhouette Mint Custom Stamp Maker
Silhouette Mint Stamp Kits (with the stamp base / block)
Silhouette Mint Stamp Sheet Sets (just stamp sheets)
Tonic Studios Tim Holtz Stamp Platform
EZ Mount Static Cling Mounting Foam
Silhouette Mint Magenta Ink
white cardstock
printer paper
paper towels

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