Arteza Watercolors Review (Set of 24)

Arteza Watercolors Review (Set of 24)

Arteza recently sent me a set of their watercolors to test out and review. To be honest, I’m nowhere near being a pro when it comes to watercolors, but I did enjoy using this set and think that it’s a good quality set of tube watercolors for the beginner or even the intermediate level watercolorist.

Arteza Watercolor Tube (Detail)

I have the set of 24 (Arteza also offers a set of 12), and I think that the set has a really nice range of colors. I especially like the color selection in the yellows and reds. If I’m being picky, the one thing I would’ve liked to see in this set is a little more variety in the blue hues, something darker like an indigo or a blue-green like a veridian hue. But overall I think this is a nice set of watercolors. They’re creamy and easy to work with, and it’s a great little extra that each tube shows a lightfastness rating, opacity indicator, and lists pigments included in that color. You don’t see this too often on lower priced watercolors, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Some colors in the set, like Yellow Ochre and Noir (black), are more opaque than others, and I think that the opacity indicators on each tube are pretty accurate. Also, I did notice a bit of granulation in certain colors. Granulation is neither a good nor a bad thing. Some watercolorists love the texture that it adds, while others aren’t so keen on it. So, it’s a matter of personal preference, and I wanted to mention it.


Check out the video below to see my review:

Supplies Used in This Project

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Arteza Watercolors Tubes (Set of 24)
Canson XL Watercolor Paper
Royal & Langnickel Disposable Palette Paper

Here’s a color swatch chart of the set:

Arteza Watercolors Swatch Chart (Set of 24)


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