DIY Halloween Vinyl Framed Art Decoration #oracal #vinylart #halloween #halloweendecoration

This is the year that I promised myself I would FINALLY decorate our living room mantel for Halloween. I went a little (okay, a lot) overboard buying faux pumpkins, most of which will work for Halloween and also for the fall season, so I’m good on that front. But I want to dress things up and customize them to make the display unique, and my first DIY Halloween decoration is this super easy vinyl Halloween framed art.

This decoration can sit on a mantel or a table, or you can hang it on the wall – whatever fits best for you. The picture frame is one that’s been sitting around unused for probably 5+ years, and I adhered the vinyl to a the less textured side of a piece of 12 x 12 white American Crafts cardstock. The vinyl is Oracal 631, which is a matte vinyl and a nice alternative to Oracal 651 vinyl if you don’t want a glossy look.

TIP : When running a scraper tool / old credit card / etc. over the transfer tape / vinyl to adhere the vinyl to the cardstock, make sure to focus as much as you can to just the area with the vinyl underneath and, if possible, use a piece of transfer tape that’s already been used at least once so it’s a little less sticky. This will help make sure that the transfer tape doesn’t adhere too much to the cardstock and take pieces of the cardstock with it when you remove it.

REAL TALK : I accidentally left the Overcut box checked in Silhouette Studio when I cut the vinyl and thought that it might be really difficult to weed as a result. But besides a few sticky areas in some of the corners of the letters, it wasn’t too bad at all and turned out great!

Check out the Quick Take video below for a sped up look at the process:

Supplies Used in This Project

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DIY Halloween Vinyl Framed Art Decoration #oracal #vinylart #halloween #halloweendecoration

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