Are you new to printable wall art? If so, you may have questions about how and where to print your wall art if you don’t have access to a home printer, or if you’d like to have prints that are larger than your home printer can handle. I hope to be able to help you out with some great recommendations for online wall art printing services!

Printable Wall Art Best Online Printing Services

There are SO many places where you can have your wall art printed. If you want super quick turnaround, you can use places like Staples, Walgreens, Office Depot, and Walmart that you may have in your neighborhood or nearby. They’ll give you great results fast.

I live way out in the middle of nowhere and don’t have a shopping center nearby, so I prefer to order wall art from online printing services. You may have to wait a little bit longer to receive your wall art prints, but the results are fantastic, and you’ll have many size and paper options that might not be available to you at your local neighborhood store.

I recently tested 4 online printing services – Printful, Mpix, Posterjack, and Shutterfly – to compare shipping time, paper quality, and print quality.

SPOILER : I was very happy with all of these services and would recommend all 4 for high quality wall art printing. You can read more details below about my experience with each service.

SHIPPING TIME: Let’s talk shipping time. I ordered from all 4 places late on a Saturday night (because I’m a wall art nerd and enjoy spending my Saturday night picking out papers and print dimensions!), and 3 ½ out of 4 of the orders placed were delivered on Thursday morning. Yay, less than a week! It was like Christmas morning, especially since most of the prints that I ordered were Christmas-themed. At the time that I’m writing this (Friday), there is still a single print outstanding from Shutterfly, and that should be delivered within the next day or two.

Shipping times may vary depending on when and from where you order your prints (and also where you’re located in relation to where the prints ship from), but I was very happy about the fact that most everything was delivered in less than a week.


Printful is an online printing service that many print-on-demand sellers use. In addition to wall art, they print on everything from blankets to pillows and mugs. But you don’t need to be a print-on-demand (POD) seller to use their service.

I ordered prints on their Enhanced Matte Paper, and the results were absolutely fantastic. I love how thick and high quality the paper is, and the colors were saturated and accurate. Their prints are giclée-printed, and the paper that they uses is archival and acid-free.

Their prices are are a great value, and prints are less expensive than the other services that I tested. Prints were shipped rolled up, so if that’s something that bothers you then you’ll want to consider this. I plan on framing the prints that I ordered, so it’s not an issue for me.

Printful Screenshot

Their software interface is drag and drop (see the screenshot above), and I thought it was easy to use. The uploading and ordering process went quickly and smoothly.

Based on my experience with Printful, I highly recommend them for high quality wall art prints, an easy to use software interface, and fast shipping.


Mpix is best known for their photo prints, but they also offer a number of wall art options, including giclée prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, and posters.

I ordered giclée prints on both their Fine Art Photographic and Deep Matte Photographic papers, and the results with both were beautiful. The Fine Art Photographic paper has a subtle watercolor texture and feels more like a watercolor paper to the touch, and the Deep Matte Photographic paper has a smoother feel. Bother are very high quality papers, and the colors in the prints were saturated and accurate.

Their prices are a little more on the expensive side with these papers, but you can get 25% off your first order when you sign up with them, and that’s a great deal! They also seem to have sales going on a regular basis.

Mpix packaging was top notch. They shipped the prints flat in a box, and the individual prints were packaged in plastic and either in cardboard mailers or with a cardboard backer inside the box. Nothing was getting wet or bent in this package!

Mpix Screenshot

Their software interface is multi-step (see screenshot above). First, you upload your files, and then you choose the product type, print size, and paper from the menus. Be sure to set the quantity for your print(s) before adding it to the cart. I forgot to do that a couple of times and got a pop-up reminder.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend Mpix for high quality wall art prints, top notch packaging, and fast shipping.


Posterjack offers a number of different types of prints, including everything from posters to canvas prints, fine art prints, acrylic prints, and more. They’re based in Canada, and prints ship from Canada (at least mine did), so they’re a great choice for my Canadian wall art friends! Even though I’m in the U.S., their shipping was just as fast as the U.S. based services that I ordered from.

I ordered their Satin Matte Poster Prints and also a print on their Fine Art paper, and I was very happy with everything. The Satin Matte Poster Prints do have a slight sheen, and the paper is thinner (what you’d expect for a poster), but the paper and print quality are excellent. Posterjack uses Hahnemühle cotton fine-art photo rag paper for their Fine Art prints. They describe their fine art prints as a “marvel to behold”, and I have to agree with that. When I took the fine art print out of the package, I think I actually gasped in delight at how gorgeous both the print and paper that it’s printed on are. You will pay a premium for the Fine Art prints, but it’s totally worth it for the quality that you get. Absolutely gorgeous. Print colors on both the matte poster prints and fine art print were saturated and accurate.

Posterjack ships their prints rolled up (at least mine were), so you’ll want to consider this if it’s something that bothers you. I plan on framing my prints, so it’s not an issue.

Posterjack Screenshot

Their software interface was very easy to use (see screenshot above). You just choose a size, upload your photo, make any adjustments that you need to, and add to card. Easy peasy!

I think that Posterjack’s pricing is very good for the quality you get. I ordered around Halloween and was able to get a 25% off coupon during their Halloween sale, which gave me an even better deal! So definitely be on the lookout for sales and deals around holidays.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend Posterjack for their quality poster prints (at great prices), their amazing fine art prints, easy-to-use software interface, and quick shipping.


Shutterfly is probably most well known for photo books and holiday photo cards, but they also offer all sorts of photo gifts, as well as wall art prints. Their regular prices can be on the high side, but they’re usually running some sort of sale so you can get a much better deal on your prints.

I ordered art prints on their Signature Cardstock and was very happy with the result. As of the time that I’m writing this, I still have one print outstanding, but the print that I have received is very good quality. Their signature cardstock is a thick, high quality, matte paper, and the print colors were saturated and accurate. Shutterstock does offer a more limited selection of wall art print sizes, so you’ll want to keep that in mind.

My Shutterfly prints were shipped flat in a heavy cardboard mailer and arrived in perfect condition.

Shutterfly Screenshot

Their software interface is easy to use. Simply click the “personalize” button on the product page, drag and drop your image file onto the artboard, choose your options, and add to cart.

Based on my experience, I recommend Shutterfly for their high quality Signature Cardstock, easy-to-use software interface, and fast shipping. Be sure to take advantage of one of their sales for the best prices. I ordered my wall art prints during one of their 50% off sales.

I hope that this review guide has helped you narrow down your choices for ordering high quality wall art prints! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

If you landed here by chance without any art to print, please check out my printable wall art shop for some fun options!

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