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Free Printable Lucky Charm Print & Cut Stickers

Free Printable Lucky Charm Print & Cut Stickers | kbecca.com

If you’re looking for some fun stickers that you can add to everything from lunch box notes to student test papers to little bags of jellybeans for Easter, then these cuties are just the thing for you. The stickers feature illustrations and patterns from my latest collection, Lucky Charm, and they’ll be a sweet addition to notes, packages, and a little bit of everything in between.

Free Printable Lucky Charm Print & Cut Stickers | kbecca.com

In addition to a free printable PDF, I’ve also made an SVG that you can print and cut in Silhouette Studio. If you don’t have a die cutting machine, then you can use a 1.5” circle paper punch or scissors to cut out the sticker shapes.

Free Printable Lucky Charm Print & Cut Stickers | kbecca.com



Rainbow Card Die Cuts Tip

Cascading Rainbow Card Die Cuts from k.becca

If you’ve picked up the new Cascading Rainbow Card Front, then you might be looking at the cut files and wondering why in the world there’s a plain rectangle included. Good question, and here’s the answer:

Rainbow Card Die Cuts Tip

The rectangular piece is the base for the rainbow. I thought that it would be much easier for you to assemble the rainbow and center it on the front of your cards if I included a base piece as a guide. Plus, with the base, the rainbow becomes a standalone element and can be attached to all sorts of things, not just cards.

Rainbow Card Die Cuts : Step 1

Simply glue all of your rainbow pieces onto the base, and you’re good to go!

Rainbow Card Die Cuts : Step 2

Add the sleepy cloud, and you’re finished with this cute card. And, yeah, I totally attached the rainbow backwards, but it’s still fun and colorful, right?

The Lucky Charm Collection

I shared a peek at the new Lucky Charm collection with you in last week’s Charmies box card tutorial, and today I want to officially introduce you to the new collection, which includes fun die cut shapes and phrases, digital stamps and a print/color/cut digital stamp set, colorful rainbow card fronts (more on those soon), and digital printable patterns in light and bright colorways that are great for card making and paper crafts. Check out some of the goodies from the collection below!

The Lucky Charm Collection from k.becca

Lucky Charm Digital Patterns from k.becca

Charms Die Cuts (SVG Files Included)

Lucky Charm SVG Digital Stamps + Border Die Cuts

Lucky Charm Phrases Die Cuts (SVG Files Included)

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