Paper & Printing Recommendations

You can use whatever type of paper and printer you have to create printables, which is what makes them so versatile and fun! Try out different colored cardstock or use textured papers for a unique look, and add embellishments like glitter and embossed areas for additional pizazz. I will make specific paper suggestions in individual product descriptions, but these are just a jumping off point to get you started thinking about your own creations.

For invitations, greeting cards, and bookmarks, I recommend a heavier cardstock. I really like Paper Source’s cover weight cardstock, both for the quality and the color options, so that’s what I usually use. I also always have a variety of cardstock packs from craft stores like Michael’s or Jo-Ann on hand, but (generally speaking) those tend to be somewhat thinner and don’t stand up to handling and bending as well. Lighter cardstock (or text weight paper) is a better choice for items like cupcake toppers and gift tags, which aren’t typically handled as much.

Sticker/label paper is perfect for address and favor/jar labels or gift tags. I purchase full sheet matte labels from Online Labels or World Label to have on hand at all times because you can cut it to whatever shape you need. For more standard shapes, full sheet label paper also works well with paper punches. I also like Avery labels for standard sized address labels that can be printed in quantity.

Speaking of quantity, if you have a large number of items (say 250 invitations) that you’d like to have printed, and you don’t want to use your home printer, you can have the files printed at your local copy shop, or you can send them to a professional online print shop. Pricing at online digital printshops is pretty competitive, and the larger the quantity you order, typically the less you pay per item.

Because die-cutting machines vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, it usually takes a little bit of experimentation with both the machine settings and the paper you’re using to find just the right paper for a project. I’ve used everything from thin, text weight paper to thicker cardstock, depending on what type of project that I’m working on.

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