Personal Licenses

Personal licenses are included with every purchase that you make from k.becca. Your purchase grants you a single license for personal use. See the chart and information below for details.

Commercial Licenses

If the item that you are purchasing has a dropdown menu with licensing options on its product page, then commercial licensing is available for the product. If there is no licensing dropdown menu on the product page, then the product is for personal use only. If you would like to commercially license a product that is currently for personal use only, or if you would like to use a product in a way that is not covered below, please feel free to contact me. See the chart and information below for commercial licensing details.

Die Cut Licenses

For die cut commercial licensing, you are allowed to use the purchased die cut in items for sale (example: handmade cards for sale or t-shirts made with iron on, die cut vinyl) up to the max amount allowed in the license that you have purchased.


If you will be producing more than the max amount of copies allowed for the license that you’ve purchased, you can purchase a second Commercial / Extended License or as many copies of the license as you need to cover the number of copies that you’ll be producing, or you can contact me to discuss a custom commercial license.

You may NOT do the following, even if you have purchased an Extended License :

x You may not sublicense, transfer, resell, share, or redistribute the images or files on their own (even for free) or as clip art, vectors, or collage sheets.

x You may not claim the images or files as your own or imply that you are the creator.

x You may not use photos and listing previews associated with products on this site as your own.

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